Business Consulting


Graeme J. Martin (Director) B.Ec (Hons) FAICD

Graeme started his working career in 1979 as a Commercial manager, his work experience has been vast both in Australia and Internationally primarily in the Oil industry but includes some of Australia’s best known companies;

Graeme’s extensive business experience provides clients with a valuable balanced and objective view across the increasingly complex paradigm of business, his extensive economics background gives clients an edge over traditional services and will challenge the “norm.”


David J. Stevenson (Director) BJ JP ARI MAICD AIMM

David started his working career in 1987 with a Chartered Accounting Firm, his global corporate work experience expands across international boundaries. Most particularly notable is his work in the United Kingdom, Japan and Canada where he has been instrumental in negotiations with multinational companies for the sale of Australian produce and services.

In David’s varying roles he has undertaken negotiations with some of the worlds leading companies; Coke (Atlanta), Mitsui (Tokyo), Kagome (Tokyo), Cadbury (Melbourne), Arnotts (Sydney), Parmalat (Brisbane), Elders (Adelaide),

David’s board and management experiences enable him to provide clients with high level strategic as well as operational commonsense approach to their business needs.