Business Consulting


  • Develop Market Strategy and Launch UK Retail Sales for Australian Producer $2.45 Million
  • Fund Raise SME $160k (Retail Cafe)
  • Fund Raise SME $120k (Motor Repairer)
  • Regional Councils Review SA
  • Share Sale in Education Sector $850,000
  • Corporate Fund Raising in Dried Fruit Industry $4.5 Million
  • Semi-Government Agency Contract Management Waste Industry
  • Strategic Reviews Education Sector
  • Stressed Asset Sale Recycling Industry
  • Asset Sales Wine Industry $22 Million
  • Share Sale Beverage Industry $7.6 Million
  • Share Sales Dried Fruit Industry $11.5 Million
  • Business Sales Insurance Industry
  • Asset Sales Merchandise Industry
  • Asset and Business Consolidations Citrus industry