Business Consulting



Grange Advisors was formed from a gap in the market, from a growing need to meet increasing market demand for Specialist Business Solutions.

Grange Advisors provides a unique service to business clients seeking a true value adding experience and service to their business.

Most businesses have their accountant busy meeting compliance obligations. Too often that is exactly what happens and clients miss out on getting advice about “the business” because people are working in the business not on the business. At Grange Advisors we enable clients to get on with what they do best while we undertake the value adding for the business.

Businesses go through many changes during their life-cycle, some more challenging than others. These changes are brought about by both external and internal influences, some typically associated with the industry the business is in, some as a consequence of the economy and its trading like; local, national and international trade and the political climate.

As business grows so do the demands on its owners, executives and advisors, it’s at this time that having Grange Advisors close by will enable the business to stay focused. Opportunities like; acquisitions, divestments, joint ventures or business sales are time consuming, expensive and will often take key people out of the business for long periods. Grange Advisors can undertake these special tasks in a seamless and transparent way. All the while keeping the owners abreast of progress but importantly without interrupting the focus and day to day management of the business.

Project Management is a speciality of Grange Advisors, one off projects and assignments which need to be done quickly with a minimum of fuss and results presented in concise and relevant terms. Helping business owners and management make timely and cost effective decisions without taking them out of their business.

Grange Advisors have a vast support network of professional specialists who compliment any Project Management assignment and can be called upon to provide advice at short notice on specific matters of interest.